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Jumaat, Mac 21, 2014

it seem far yet so near

Its already 2.22 am in the morning. i can't sleep. I thought by open up old wedding videos of my blogger friends will ease my mood to sleep. or making me fall asleep. I guess I was wrong. I make me feel oh gosh its has been 3 years ago. What have I done in the past years? No wonder I felt nothing now all my bloggers friends have married. hurrmm.. Nothing to watch as I have not interest in motherhood. I love the colours. The vibe. The happiness. Will mine be like it? I have to admit I didn't have any interest to go any of others friends's wedding. So I can't expect them to be at mine's. I guess it will be my family, close relative and friends. I also don't meet any new friends. huuu.. the only friends that I have made is with the colleague friends in my department. LOL. So I guess many is from my department. But then I didn't put high hope. As the wedding is in the monsoon month that's mean maybe there will be flood. or  it just too far away from my workplace in Kuantan.

As much as I wanted to prepare for my wedding, I just dont have the time to do it. Most of it I think I can handle it. As it is still long way to go. Most of the preparation have been done. Just I want to settle about the cloth and the dais for my solemnization and reception. I still puzzled about the colours. I think I can't think as it is too far from the wedding. I love retro and vintage. I think I should go for disco ball and homecoming queen. 

By the end of this month, I want to buy an old typewriter that can be use. So it will be much cooler with the old school typewriter right? Also I want to get the old radio. If possible the coin operated vinyl player. HAHA.. berangan. The props stick mainly just get from the readymade design before. huuu see Photobooth the only one that I'm concerned of. Others? I have no clues. 

The pictures maybe will make up from the characters of us. Or just wording. It will be much retro isit? I guess the entrance can have an old bicycle to make up the characters. The family should be in full lace of kebaya and guys will be plain old malay kan? Nah too old plak. I would love it just on the 80's or 90's should be ok.

I can think of having the dais of all white. having the flower to incorporate with the theme will be awesome. I don't know if kak zaifie can do it. huuu as I kinda cut the budget as I can't have much spent on the wedding. 

I should be focusing right instead seeing options. I should narrowing down the options to be chosen rather than open up to all that appear good. 

Plus on the other hand. I can't tolerate to those have facebook as their diary. Hurmmm I can't help but there  



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