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Sabtu, Julai 19, 2014

A very sad tragedy #MH17

 Dear all families of passengers and flight attendant of #MH17, please to let you know we are truly hurt by the tragedy. How can life be easily been taken away with a missile without any warning whatsoever.  I personally felt the agony and sadness. I was helplessly crying over the flight since the announcement via net. I was deeply saddened by the fact we all are helpless. Tragedy happened was out of anyone capability. I was since demoralised thinking we are not safe anymore. Yes we have to redha with qada n qadar. but somehow it change my view. We should be more grateful as we are living in a safe country. No bombing here and there as in war country. I hope the justice is serve. For the sake of humanitarian and hope for a better world. 


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