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Selasa, Februari 18, 2014

Nerve wrecking!

That's the word. Being a head to programme something that massive and prolong program is such a nerve wrecking feeling. 

Recently I want to do an obesity intervention programme for clinic staffs at where I am currently working. The thing is I always do event but to extend this program is for 6 months prohibition makes me more nervous as to ensure it still running strong at the end of the programme. 

The programme merely very simple as I want it just nice for my CV thus gaining CPD points so I can get promoted having increased in salary in the half year later in May. But oh boy, it ain't easy as its may seem. 

To have it clean on the paper easy peasy but to done it in real; such an horror experience. I can't sleep well, I always have my thoughts running thinking what should I do with the programme. It just eats me alive! Now the programme have been highlighted to our big boss; the Director of Health District of Kuantan. So I guess there is no turning back. Everybody have their hopes and anxiety to do the programme. I just hope the 6 months pass very quickly. I really hope I can cope with the other programmes too. As I also want to start on the Mother-Friendly Breastfeeding Clinic for my clinic. This will be a benchmark for me to steep more higher than before thus I want to get greater achievement in fast track. My goal is to aim a job at Putrajaya. Highly ambitious I know. But now I know why not all can be on the top. It requires a lot of responsibilities and you have to be very brave to say what you want. 

I want to make sure the programme runs smoothly without any bump or hiccup. Pray for my plan to succeed please. HUUU..  

Isnin, Februari 03, 2014

Wedding colour!

Aku serious blur la. Dulu kemain nk warna ni laa warna tuh laa.. La ni hah betul2 dh nk kawin boleh mcm blur plak. Kain nikah dh mak sepol belikan warna kuning gold kalo tak silap. Aku tak la memilih sangat. Sebabnya aku rasa pakai apa pun yang penting confident. LOL gitu!

Now untuk majlis resepsi aku sewa je dgn kak Zaifie. Aku rasa maybe amik gold jugak sbb tak banyak choice untuk pengantin lelaki. Bear in mind, sepol punya size XXXL. Hurmmm like redha jela. 

Then the familia will be in radiant orchid. LOL the colour of the year 2014. or maybe dark purple as aku request ibu to be in lace. LOL so ibu nk something in dark colour. tak mo nampak macam orang muda sangat. LOL

My friends will be in pretty in pink. Well the colour scheme tu takde la nk strict sangat kot. HAHA aku punya excited nk kawin dh tak macam dulu. HAHA. Aku malas dh nk cari what colour to wear. But to have majlis yang lengkap seadanya dan tak menyusahkan sesapa. 

Being someone who thinks sweet love is overrated, I just want to have a wedding with people that I love and cherish. I do want to have the moment to be immortalized with sweetness overload. That's all that matters.

Bulan ni mmg bulan nk memborong kain. Aku tak de la nk g Bandung or memana yang jauh. Rasanya g Jakel kt jalan TAR pun cukup kot. 

Please sapa2 ada tipssss..huuu on picking up colourrr...Jom teman aku g beli kainnnn :P


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