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Rabu, April 30, 2014

Without him

My fiancé is outstation to US for a week already. He have to go there for a business trip. I think he is enjoying it most of the time. The time gap is almost 15 hours apart.  That's mean whenever he is off to work, I is probably snoozing at the bed. Same goes if I go to work, he is sleeping. I really miss him. Can't wait for him to come back this Saturday (US time) and arrive a day after. 

Hurmm I hope he will return safely. Amin. 

Selasa, April 29, 2014


Maybe we are two different people. But then to compromise you somehow must know how to bend or being rational whenever we gave you the solutions. I can't really tolerate with people who can't be well-mannered after we helped. Maybe there are people agree to disagree. This argument may lead to frustrations. The tense is there to rip apart the family. Well as I'm getting older and maybe wiser, I must say I do regrets being such a stubborn kid before. Not all of it. Most of it I have solid and concrete excuses. 

Friends do come and go. I guess you have the benefits of having more of friends. Compared to us who closely with our siblings and parents. Really up to you to have friends or not. Just don't make us like an outsider. 

I just can't wait for the wedding to be end. Up to you. Seriously. We love you dearly and if that how you want to run the wedding, I honestly tired and exhausted so you just do it on your own. I wish nothing but your happiness.   

Jumaat, April 25, 2014

Live band? A need? A luxury?

Actually this post is on the previous night before I post on the latest entry. But then I was so tired due to the work, I fall asleep not long after. 

Live band is something more into 'indie' kinda thing. I must say if we want to have one, it is better to suit with the event I guess. Like my wedding will be held in just normal and not exquisite hall, maybe it will be awkward, don't you think? As the hall is small, maybe I will just stick to the plan having simple event. Even though I would love to have one. As I love instrumental and love songs in acoustic. But then I have to curve into the budget. Not that I am not capable of having it. I just don't want to have debt later in the future. 

Maybe the alternative way is to have CD or MP3 played from the DJs. I want the music to be played and make the romantic feeling when we are arriving at the hall. Hurmmm we all can have the imagination. All I hope it will be if not the same at least have the same feeling :) 

But really, LOL if anyone knew any live band in cheras area can you guys recommend them to me? my budget is RM1k. huuu.. talking about spending. LOL   

Khamis, April 24, 2014

Preparation for my sister wedding

My little sister's wedding is just around the corner. As a big sister all I can help is to ease my parent's burden in making my sister's wedding run smoothly at the wedding's day. My sister can be quite a stubborn kid sometimes.I know she have a strict budget on the wedding but to help ease the flow shouldn't she allocate some of the money for these petty things? Such as having a PA system and a DJ on the day. Or having a professional photographer for captures the wedding pictures? I mean for me it is a main thing. But then for her it just something that she shouldn't focus on.

Saying is much simpler than having to do the task. She just can't imagine on the day itself. I guess I being such a caring sister until she became very pampered in a way she thinks everything will just be in place because she have her older and wiser sister ( in the event experience) to help her for the wedding.

I am not the most perfect person to come whenever an event happened. I am just concerned and don't want the previous problem ( at her engagement's day) arise again or worst! Sometimes I just think she is not that matured enough to handle the wedding. Haish. I shouldn't said that. I should have faith in her.

I must say to prepare the wedding from afar is really stressful. Lucky for me, mine is almost half way done. I just prepared it accordingly and hopefully it will be as planned. In sha Allah. Being outstation for two months have been an agony as far from any telecommunication coverage and internet while my business and wedding preparation is only accessible via internet.

Plus having a fiancé that is 24-hours busy kept me going with this workaholic attitude. We seldom met since I have been working at Kuantan. The only time we met at event; working as a team for our business. Ironic right? Now he have been raised as senior engineer at his workplace and become more and more busier than ever. All I can do is to do the same. So I can be raise as senior nutritionist. So we both can become successful in our carrier life.

This week have been such a very demanding and stressful week I must say. Having to interview nepal's workers and finding respondent that is refused to cooperate really exhausted. Being racist also as I have to interview Chinese resident. Haish. I really felt so different compared to others rural area.  I guess this is not rural area. More into suburban area. Because they are reluctant to help and give information.

Well despite all the problems, we manage to handle the problems. I guess teamwork really rocks!

And spending a few nights at your grandmother's house really connecting or strengthening a bond between grandmother and grandchild. When looking my grandmother's jolt it just keep me realise she needs a company to help her insanity.

Jumaat, April 18, 2014

New life

ITS been a while I guess. Adapting with new life and friends. Having workload and bosses to please. HAHA. If before my bosses will be my customer. Now it is really different. Thanks to my fiancé and family and friends that have never stop praying for me. So many experience yet still fresh and learning the new world. My hope with me joining the team will help to ease the burden not to escalate the tension. HUU

As I was not prepare for this job, I have to overwork myself to get on track. Unfortunately I have to go this survey around Pahang to get the respondent on Nutritional value for the National Survey. 

But the upside of the scavenging the aborigine and the native, I have learned that not all are lucky as us. Having the luxury to eat whatever we want, at anytime we want. I can't help to realise how important for me to work for them to improve their live.

And also I know the road at Pahang. HAHA. As many know highway are pretty limited in rural or suburban Pahang. Not like KL having tol everywhere. So I am truly grateful for that experience.

Being a nutritionist is really about the community. I really felt that I must work for the people to improve their live especially from nutritional value. I still have long way to go. Experience is the best teacher. And I will always embrace and cherish every little and big event in my life :)


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