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Jumaat, April 18, 2014

New life

ITS been a while I guess. Adapting with new life and friends. Having workload and bosses to please. HAHA. If before my bosses will be my customer. Now it is really different. Thanks to my fiancé and family and friends that have never stop praying for me. So many experience yet still fresh and learning the new world. My hope with me joining the team will help to ease the burden not to escalate the tension. HUU

As I was not prepare for this job, I have to overwork myself to get on track. Unfortunately I have to go this survey around Pahang to get the respondent on Nutritional value for the National Survey. 

But the upside of the scavenging the aborigine and the native, I have learned that not all are lucky as us. Having the luxury to eat whatever we want, at anytime we want. I can't help to realise how important for me to work for them to improve their live.

And also I know the road at Pahang. HAHA. As many know highway are pretty limited in rural or suburban Pahang. Not like KL having tol everywhere. So I am truly grateful for that experience.

Being a nutritionist is really about the community. I really felt that I must work for the people to improve their live especially from nutritional value. I still have long way to go. Experience is the best teacher. And I will always embrace and cherish every little and big event in my life :)

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