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Selasa, April 29, 2014


Maybe we are two different people. But then to compromise you somehow must know how to bend or being rational whenever we gave you the solutions. I can't really tolerate with people who can't be well-mannered after we helped. Maybe there are people agree to disagree. This argument may lead to frustrations. The tense is there to rip apart the family. Well as I'm getting older and maybe wiser, I must say I do regrets being such a stubborn kid before. Not all of it. Most of it I have solid and concrete excuses. 

Friends do come and go. I guess you have the benefits of having more of friends. Compared to us who closely with our siblings and parents. Really up to you to have friends or not. Just don't make us like an outsider. 

I just can't wait for the wedding to be end. Up to you. Seriously. We love you dearly and if that how you want to run the wedding, I honestly tired and exhausted so you just do it on your own. I wish nothing but your happiness.   

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