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Rabu, Oktober 01, 2014

Things that I have always wanted.

The wedding is getting closer than I have ever imagined. I can't believe it since all the friends have at least one kid already. Its been like 4 years since the last time I went to another blogger's wedding. I think. I don't count. Well. I have watched and dreamed. Now my turn have finally arrived. 

I wish to have a all white dais for my reception. I know I am such a dreamer. Hopefully kak zaifie will do her magic to fullfilled my dream. And to have a pair of raja sehari and ratu sehari attire. Well this mainly will depends on my groom since kak zaifie said not all cloth will fit him. Hurm. 

I want to wear a pair of stilettos maybe in champagne colour of lace at my reception's day. I hope it can be done ya amy.

Right now I am looking for someone who can have my hand "inai" so it would be so perfect on the pictures. huuuu

Others I will start building my own photo booth starting next month. Now gathering the info and the item that required to make this happened. I can't wait to make it into reality. Plus I can continue the business in more aggressive and hopefully more enjoyable. 

As for the catering have been book last month. Yeah last minute change. Nasib baik have one last slot.

And we are also changing our solemnization place. huuu nervousnya laaa. Hopefully everything turn out to be fine.

And ada satu lagi masalah besar. I can't figure out nk bagi doorgift apa. :(

It already Octoberr dibaaaa. 2 month ++


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