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Selasa, Januari 28, 2014

Game On!

LOL over kan kau! HAHA gaji pertama aku yang cengkonon nk buat joli-joli telah abis digunakan untuk booking orang untuk kawin nnt. hahahaha. 

Ye dh ada tarikh yer kawan-kawan. 20/12/2014. I know lambat giler lagi. But then aku kan mmg jenis kabut kalo nk buat preparation lambat-lambat ni. Lagipun aku sekarang keje nun kt pantai timur kat kuantan tuhhhh... dapat balik pun hujung minggu je. Sobs...

HAHA sbb nyer tak jadi nk buat bulan sebelas aku g book dewan tuh lambat. Alkisahnya dalam banyak-banyak tarikh hanya tarikh yang aku nak tuh je yang dibook. Sobbsss so mak aku cakap alang-alang baik buat masa cuti sekolah. Cuma mungkin orang-orang yang pantai timur susah sikit la nk datang kenduri aku sebab banjir. huuu.. tak pela aku redha jela..

Aku serious bersyukur ada duit business sebab nya bila dapat gaji tunggakan tuh aku tak yah dh nk bayar ansuran kereta tertunggak. aku just bayar yang bulan ni punya jer. So banyak lebih aku g book makeup artist, photographer, videographer, katering, hantaran and hand bouquet and plus pelamin n baju resepsi nnt. Fuhhh yang aku utamakan dh setel!! :) Tinggal nk bayar je la nnt.. huuuu

Then tadi aku g isi checklist yang aku copy paste kt exb2b nyer blog. Huu banyak pasal baju material bridesmaid n bestman. Alamak tuh nk kena cari on the next month.

Harap2 aku leh menabung sampai majlis hujung tahun ni. So nnt ada la takde la mak ayah aku susah2 nk pikir pasal duit. Syukur!!!

Rabu, Januari 08, 2014

Happy birthday to me ;)

Happy new year 2014 to all. As for me, I love January! Because my birthday is on 4th every January. hehe

But this time around it didn't as happy as much I want it to. I was down with a fever. Luckily no so high, but pluss with headache and cough and phlegm and sore throat. Urghhh at the time my throat was on fire. My bad. So I did manage to get an MC on the Friday the 3rd. So I went back to my hometown at Cheras, Selangor. Two and a half hour later, I had arrived even though with dizziness and a bit drowsy. HEHE. Nothing beats "Balik Kampung". 

But I think I can't controlled the situation when I was at home. I just took the doctor's prescription and laid on bed. I was dosed off from afternoon till late at night. The medicine is quite strong I guess or maybe I really need to rest when having a cold fever.

On the very next morning it was my birthday!! :) hehe But my fiancee was working untill late. So I joined my primary/ best friend/ childhood friends to our classmate's wedding. hehe I was invited tho but I kinda always skip whenever I received any wedding invitation on Facebook's event. I just don't like the questions.. hehe such as when are you going to get married or don't be so choosy laa apa laa..  

We went to the wedding at 2pm and arrived at bit later since we stuck in traffic jam at Sg. Long. When we arrived it was drizzly raining, so they asked "Dibah, are you ok with it ( mean the rain)?" and I was like " Hey ok je laa". HAHAHA berlagakk. Note that I wasn't cure enough actually. tehee

OK when we arrived no familiar faces at all. huuu maybe we are the only primary classmate that have been invited. huuu.. So we had this cheeky idea to make kak Ain (the bride) to guess what our name is. HAHA So mean kan. 

So we ate and then waited Kak Ain to approach us. Noted that the bride and groom will go one to one table to greet the guest that came. Guess what don't have to ask. From far she almost shouted our name. WOW that is amazing. Why did I said that? Because we haven't meet after school ends. It was like how many years eyh? almost 13 years or so. Deebakkk. hehehe

We were fully loaded with the dishes. And surprisingly I can eat. teheee maybe with friends I kinda a bit energetic. LOL. When we want to went back to the car the rain was like cats and dogs. Huuu So nyesal didn't take their offer to have an umbrella when it was just a drizzle. huuu my mistake. So end up we camwhoring. Which none will I upload. heee I love the time spend with them. Makes me more sihat. hehe

Then they want to treat me a birthday lunch k? hahaha sbb have eaten at the wedding. Me like yay! with no other doubt. Too much of happiness in one day. I thought it will be as gloomy as myself. Nope. It was a dope. hehe

Then not long after we had arrived at Secret Recipe at Aeon Cheras Selatan. We have another session of camwhoring hehe. Eat ourself two slices of red velvet (which I don't favour of, I thought sedap) and black forest. We also have what it is new dishes in Secret Recipe. Pizza something but when we have it like telur dadar je. hahaha. 

We went back home after having ourself like really full huuu..I love them and I don't felt like I'm sick whenever with them. 

Been longing to shopping online but I myself really don't have the nudge to buy one. Just look at  ZALORA online shopping fashion website makes me drooling my eyes. HEHE my first salary will be up this 23rd. Can't wait to buy myself a gift from ZALORA. YAY!!


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