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Sabtu, Jun 30, 2012

exchange link!

ini sticky post!

diba nyer bloglist dh lama giler tak hapdate.tolong diba voley?please drop your link and state whether you are bride or exbride.sbb diba perasan ramai dh bride2be baru skrg nie.diba jer bride2be tua.hehe 

thanks eyh korg sbb still dtg blog sini :)

Rabu, Jun 27, 2012

Free item for grab! (guestbook & handbouquet)

YES. It is free.

Just share the above picture on your facebook timeline or share it at your blog. and you just will get 

500pcs white paperbag favors (decorations only)

10pcs of VIP favors

1pc of exclusive guestbook with frame
A handbouquet

for free. hehe

first you guys must liked the Creative by Lynda's fanpage okeyh!


for more detail please go to CBL's fanpage

Isnin, Jun 18, 2012

Typewiter: Guestbook

Currently I'm looking for this :)

so nnt boleh buat guestbookcorner mcm nie ..hehe

wedding inspiration

We love to do it for you! :)
Right now we are having June promotion :)

email us for more!

or call us 0162065767 -adibah 

Khamis, Jun 14, 2012

Photobooth Ideas! :)

Lately I was interested with this type of guestbook. But its not merely a guestbook, more like a wishing board :)
masuk dalam guestbook pun ok jugak:)
credited from :) :)


We love to do it for you. 
Right now, we are having June Promotion :)

email us for more info :) 

Rabu, Jun 13, 2012

Love is a four letter word.

Yes indeed.

I felt love whenever, wherever and whoever I encounter with. Thanks alot for all the support and love. 

Even though I'm been through rough situation. And I was being like a foolish little child. You guys never let me go down or alone. It was a stupid of me for being such a crying baby. :(

I will never be run out of love. Thanks to YOU. YOU and YOU. :) 

Selasa, Jun 12, 2012


Lately, I'm depressed.

Why? I guess for those who is currently or have been furthering their study especially in Science stream must gone through this phase. Depression. Why must science stream only? This is due to the fact we have to encounter and operating the machine or unlikely the instrument for our journal or thesis. 

Currently I'm working on HPLC's instrument. Ugh! Eventhough the machine still in its warranty, it really doesn't mean it can straight ahead working. Yeah, my perception about having new instrument in good condition have gone completely. 

In the last few weeks, all that I have done is just adjusting to the new instrument. With the new upgraded software, it should be more user-friendly. But, it is more user- hately. HAHA.  

Maybe it really want me to understand why and how it works. Its like "kalo tak kenal, maka tak cinta" kinda stuff. But, I didn't love it back yet. HEHE.

First, it was problem with the mobile phase. Second, it was problem with the detector. Then, the pressure is not increasing. Later, it was problem with the software cannot understand the instrument. 

After two weeks, at last yesterday. The machine works. Please bear in mind, I've not even injected the sample yet. Sigh! Alhamdulillah it can be use at least. 

But yesterday still have nothing came up. Why? The standard solution that I use to detect component for my sample in the instrument cannot be detected by the machine. After all this while! The technician said it maybe occurred because of the detector. It cannot scatter enough light to detect the standard's solution. 

Today, the technician have to fly to Kelantan. On wednesday, he will be entertain the machine again. My hope? Not so high. Hopefully at least, I know the machine is working. 

Selasa, Jun 05, 2012

Sarjana Makanan : Update!

Sekarang sedang menulis untuk journal. Yang paling susah aku rasa buat perbincangan. Nasib baik dalam bahasa inggeris. Cuma sakit la aku nk membaca journal orang lain. Banyak woo kena baca. Tapi bukan semua boleh guna, boleh ngam. 

Susah? Memangla. Dh ckp sarjana. Kalau senang, mesti aku dh abis belajar dh sekarang. HEHE.

Suma tuh mind set kita jer. Journal nie penting untuk aku dapat Sarjana. Syarat wajib untuk pelajar Sarjana Makanan melalui penyelidikan lulus.Kalau tak ada, alamatnya lambat lagi la aku nk graduasi.

Perjalanan kerja makmal? So far so good. Aku banyak kena baca balik sebab journal yang aku ikut selama nie tak sesuai dgn kajian aku. Aku kena mencipta kaedah baru melalui kaedah yang sedia ada. Mmg portal ukm/library tuh website kegemaran aku sekarang nie. HEHE

Pejam celik, pejam celik dah nk abis semester nie. Aku target journal aku nie mesti publish dalam tahun nie. So, lepas tuh aku boleh concentrate nk writing tesis dan viva :) HEHE

Pastuh leh kawin :P

Isnin, Jun 04, 2012

I miss you friend.

I really do. I really felt alone without your presence. 

When I was so busy catching up with my life, I left you with hope and frustration. I'm so sorry for not being there when you needed it the most. :( I've felt so bad. I do love you so much. 

I hope you have a happy life with the one you love the most. I really do. Thanks for being a part of my life. It have been a great time with you. Happy marriage day and may you and husband have a wonderful life together.  Cherish every moment together forever. :) I know you will. :)

I love you. 

Ahad, Jun 03, 2012

Photobooth Farah and Lokman

Yesterday, it was a great day setting up photoboothcorner for Farah and Lokman's wedding :)

me setting up the booth
the props 
the guestbook's table
abaikan beg2 kami :P
comel je diorg nie:)

the table 

me with the lovely bride and groom :)
Any enquiries? Just hit me with a mail :)thanks Farah and Lokman. Its such a pleasure to work for you two :) 

Jumaat, Jun 01, 2012


Disclaimers: This post contains a lot of beautiful pictures. HEHE and all of them are from Lembayung Senja Photography.

pretty pretty things. HEHE :) 

I really like their works from last year. I guess who doesn't . Right now they are having B2B blogger promotion. 

Click at the picture to have a clearer view

Just post up a post about them and Wallaa... We, ourselves are entitled to get 15% discount on any photography services. Just by sharing it up. HEHE. 

Ok who is Lembayung Senja Photography?

They are a team of photographers ( weddings and portraiture) from Sungai Buloh KL ;ever since 2010.

Founded by Ahmad Humaizi 

Their album's cover.
Eventhough they more into wedding and portraiture, they also love foods, kids and family plus travel and journal.

And they also are flexible in pricing. HEHE

" We are flexible artist, flexible in our services and pricing as we cater to people from all walks of life. " quoted from their company overview.

Do you know what is Lembayung Senja?

The name Lembayung Senja comes from an old Malay word-play which describes the settling of dusk in the horizon; the sight of an emblazoning red setting sun which signifies the end of a day and the rebirth of the moon is truly an epic sight to be captured. The team at Lembayung Senja strive to capture life’s momentous events such as this and relive each moment as if it has never passed. -also quoted from their blog. HEHE

Perhaps a bit like this :)

Interested to know more ?

follow them at twitter  @LSenjaPhoto and facebook lembayungsenjaphotography

Spread the love! :)


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