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Selasa, Jun 12, 2012


Lately, I'm depressed.

Why? I guess for those who is currently or have been furthering their study especially in Science stream must gone through this phase. Depression. Why must science stream only? This is due to the fact we have to encounter and operating the machine or unlikely the instrument for our journal or thesis. 

Currently I'm working on HPLC's instrument. Ugh! Eventhough the machine still in its warranty, it really doesn't mean it can straight ahead working. Yeah, my perception about having new instrument in good condition have gone completely. 

In the last few weeks, all that I have done is just adjusting to the new instrument. With the new upgraded software, it should be more user-friendly. But, it is more user- hately. HAHA.  

Maybe it really want me to understand why and how it works. Its like "kalo tak kenal, maka tak cinta" kinda stuff. But, I didn't love it back yet. HEHE.

First, it was problem with the mobile phase. Second, it was problem with the detector. Then, the pressure is not increasing. Later, it was problem with the software cannot understand the instrument. 

After two weeks, at last yesterday. The machine works. Please bear in mind, I've not even injected the sample yet. Sigh! Alhamdulillah it can be use at least. 

But yesterday still have nothing came up. Why? The standard solution that I use to detect component for my sample in the instrument cannot be detected by the machine. After all this while! The technician said it maybe occurred because of the detector. It cannot scatter enough light to detect the standard's solution. 

Today, the technician have to fly to Kelantan. On wednesday, he will be entertain the machine again. My hope? Not so high. Hopefully at least, I know the machine is working. 

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oshinz berkata...

alahai kesiannya.. kite plak tengah stuck kat writing. oh my.. sangat dugaan betulla. nak tunggu idea datang tu seksa kot..

lovelyadibah berkata...

writing kena commited.serius!diba sekarang trus writing walaupun run HPLC.sbb takut stuck kemudian hari :) byk2 kan membaca journal. its the only key to unlock the writer's block.


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