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Jumaat, Jun 01, 2012


Disclaimers: This post contains a lot of beautiful pictures. HEHE and all of them are from Lembayung Senja Photography.

pretty pretty things. HEHE :) 

I really like their works from last year. I guess who doesn't . Right now they are having B2B blogger promotion. 

Click at the picture to have a clearer view

Just post up a post about them and Wallaa... We, ourselves are entitled to get 15% discount on any photography services. Just by sharing it up. HEHE. 

Ok who is Lembayung Senja Photography?

They are a team of photographers ( weddings and portraiture) from Sungai Buloh KL ;ever since 2010.

Founded by Ahmad Humaizi 

Their album's cover.
Eventhough they more into wedding and portraiture, they also love foods, kids and family plus travel and journal.

And they also are flexible in pricing. HEHE

" We are flexible artist, flexible in our services and pricing as we cater to people from all walks of life. " quoted from their company overview.

Do you know what is Lembayung Senja?

The name Lembayung Senja comes from an old Malay word-play which describes the settling of dusk in the horizon; the sight of an emblazoning red setting sun which signifies the end of a day and the rebirth of the moon is truly an epic sight to be captured. The team at Lembayung Senja strive to capture life’s momentous events such as this and relive each moment as if it has never passed. -also quoted from their blog. HEHE

Perhaps a bit like this :)

Interested to know more ?

follow them at twitter  @LSenjaPhoto and facebook lembayungsenjaphotography

Spread the love! :)

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