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Khamis, Mei 31, 2012

MIXED Feeling

Really indeed. Am I dreaming as I speak?

He just bought me a ring. A simple one. Belah rotan jer. All this time, I'd only dreamed of him buying me that. Out of nowhere, he had bought me a ring. Oh he is so spontaneous. Which is scared me to hell. He is always like that. 

He said this is a ring that claimed I'm his fiancee. Without any ceremony, just between us. We have been tying to each other. I've called ibu about it. She was confused. "Hah, cincin. Nak buat apa?" . " Ibu, Saiful cakap nk merisik" , I've replied. 

" Hah, tak payah la dulu. Habiskan master tuh dulu" . I was silently listened. " Ikut macam kak Pijat ( my former senior in master ), dh abis master baru kawin" .

 " Nanti senang, tak kelam kabut" . 

 "Rumah pun masih bersepah. Sabar eyh. Nanti dh abis belajar boleh la tunang pastuh kawin. Tak payah tunang lama2 nnt. "

My first conversation with my mother about wanting to get married. HAHA . Thru phone only. I don't have the courage to talk face to face.Yet. Conversation ke? More like one way communication. HAHA.

Well, am I too pushy? I hope not. So this is it. I can't wait to end this master journey. Wish me luck!

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