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Rabu, Mei 23, 2012

Side track

Hey peeps.

Lately, I'm so exhausted. Like, totally tired mentally and physically. Yeah whinning me.. At day, I'm a student/graduate research assistant. At night, i'm a businesswoman. Kinda hard, and it been dragged for a while right now. 

Until i've been skidded. Just like last monday, I had to skip from coming to UKM. ahhh The feeling was suck indeed. I really want this. But now it seem so exhausting. As if it was too far from reaching. I do want to finish it. 

The business had been great.I love when it became more satisfying through time. Thanks for all the support tho. 

I just been used up too much energy I guess. Wishing hard I will find my rhythm in having both success in my life. Maybe I should organized more and do less. :)  

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