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Isnin, Mei 28, 2012

Assumption never right


Why with the title? haha

Yesterday, it was a good day as my partner and I had to happened to met Mr Razali at our customer's wedding. Who is that?Hehe. Those who followed Mrs Shakina a.k.a Kina's blog must know him well. As he was the official photographer for her solemnization if I'm not mistaken :)

Haha still not answering Why with the title? haha. I guess Kina must already knew. HAHA memandai je la aku kan?

I've followed Mr Razali since the day he took Kina's pictures. Well, he puts his caption all in english. ALL. haha. abis la aku kalo dier baca nie.hehe

So I thought " He is just a show-off" .

So when yesterday , Saiful was kind enough to greet him. I was surprised. Why? Ok he still speaks Malay. Down - to - earth. Maybe all the caption in english in his fanpage just his trademark :)

Moral of the story : Tak kenal maka tak cinta. HAHA 

Hope to see him soon!such a gentlemen. nasib baik dh kawin. HEHE

gambar?please scroll down to see my previous post.

2 ulasan:

oshinz berkata...

maybe that's the way die improvekan bahasa inggeris die kan? who knows.. hehehe.

lovelyadibah berkata...

tuh la. haha my bad.


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