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Jumaat, Mei 04, 2012

Truth will prevail.

Salam sayang untuk semua:)

Being someone who doesn't really care about others makes you an easy target. Well people seem to find it easy to be someone who just judging than analyzing why things are happening.

People is what they talk, walk and do.

If before, I really love with gods know kinda gossip. Especially with nobody I knew. But then when we find out the truth about the gossip. It strike me. Not all the gossip is true. Most of it were just not true.

Later I really careful to what i'm hearing, seeing or even thinking. The slander is just too much and closer that you think.

Tapi yang paling menarik about gossip. Lama2 the truth will prevail.Mcmana pun.HAHA. It just a matter of time.

So please there is no 1 side story. Every story have two sides. And please after hearing all the stories, dont judge. Who are we to judge? 

As for me, not everyone we can please. For me, impossibly hardly for me to have someone to please to.HAHA. Me with my own world.

People come and go. And it goes the same as the gossip. But what last? Those friends and family that really care and always , always stay where you needed them the most.

Being mean is not cool. Especially when you are nowhere from the truth.

2 ulasan:

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ berkata...

Mohon pnecerahan.
Saya tak paham awak cakap pasal sape sebenarnya? HAHA

miszatie berkata...

hik2 sbr ye..i knew every single things goes both hopefully people be fair to others not just 1 side of the story that make the things even worst..^_^


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