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Selasa, Mei 29, 2012

Wedding's Progress


Really? Am I typing this? HAHA ok propa sangat.

Me and wedding seems to have a very strong connection. ( yeah..right) Eventhough I'm seriously understand that I'm not that ready for the life after married, but yeah I always been revolved with wedding. Since he decided that we were not tying our knot ( engagement), I was really devastated. Like, frustrated. But who are we to control, right. At that time,  I was really think it was a childish move to be tantrum or mad because of it. SO, I let it go.Seriously.

Don't worry, me and him are still an item. HAHA. He is my sunshine and rain. Sometime thunder and storm. Grrrr...

Ever since the cancellation, I never talk with him about getting married or to get to another level or step. Never. Even it is for jokes. I guess it was really hurts. And of course he doesn't want to talked about it too.

Lately, many asked him " What is your relationship with her? (referring to me) " 

If before, he would said " Oh , she is my partner" or " Oh , she is my friend" 

But, to my surprise. Last weekend, he answered differently.

" Oh, she is my fiancee." 

Any particular reasons? I 've asked. He said, he was ready to have me in his life. And he wants to end our relationship with marriage.

HAHA. My reaction?

Of course I was mad. HEHE  Boleh percaya k? Mesti la senyum sampai hujung telinga.

But I kept calm. Cheh! Because I don't want to get hurt twice. 

Ok he decided to get married at the end of this year. Me? Well, I don't believe him anymore. If we were meant to be, it will be. 

So in mean time, lets have fun!

4 ulasan:

hana yoriee berkata...

InsyaAllah dik..

cheQmOomOo berkata...

insyALLAH dba :) doa y terbaik!

oshinz berkata...

gud news darling.. hope it will be happen soon. =) insyaAllah.

lovelyadibah berkata...

haha thanks korang!:)


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