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Jumaat, April 25, 2014

Live band? A need? A luxury?

Actually this post is on the previous night before I post on the latest entry. But then I was so tired due to the work, I fall asleep not long after. 

Live band is something more into 'indie' kinda thing. I must say if we want to have one, it is better to suit with the event I guess. Like my wedding will be held in just normal and not exquisite hall, maybe it will be awkward, don't you think? As the hall is small, maybe I will just stick to the plan having simple event. Even though I would love to have one. As I love instrumental and love songs in acoustic. But then I have to curve into the budget. Not that I am not capable of having it. I just don't want to have debt later in the future. 

Maybe the alternative way is to have CD or MP3 played from the DJs. I want the music to be played and make the romantic feeling when we are arriving at the hall. Hurmmm we all can have the imagination. All I hope it will be if not the same at least have the same feeling :) 

But really, LOL if anyone knew any live band in cheras area can you guys recommend them to me? my budget is RM1k. huuu.. talking about spending. LOL   

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Humairah Jimat berkata...

huhu..saya ari tu pun just pakai lagu yg my husband burn dlm cd.he. nak save bajet..gudluck!mesti best kalau ada live band.


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