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Ahad, September 16, 2012

#1 Backdrop :)

Nothing excite me more than this! :) We have our own backdrop :)  Thanks a lot to Mr Humaizi, Principal of Lembayung Senja Photography that is so kind enough to gave us the idea and where bout to buy this backdrop :) Alhamdulillah :) We are one step ahead in realizing our own dream :) I know, I am so slow in realizing our dream.  I guess when it come to marriage. It was fun before tho ( at that time, I was only thinking the beauty thingy excluding the responsible later ). Now when it really come, I have become more aware the responsible later as a wife , a daughter to two families and so on. 

The picture, you guys can browse it at my previous post :)

Actually, I've done surveying. It just a matter of time. Right now, I must finish my master in order to get married :)  That's all :) Seem easy huh? I wish. 

The backdrop can go as far as 10' x 10' :) The backdrop later we will using it as backdrop in our future studio. So it still be useful even after our event. In fact, we already rent it out for anyone who wants to use it for their event :) 

I guess nothing is more exciting than doing what you love most!

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