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Sabtu, September 08, 2012


Well, who hasn't before? Even right now, I'm not certain that future will be for me. Being such an optimism, only sky is the limit. But for those who have lack of hope, uncertainty may be the biggest wall to move forward. Sometimes, I do have the uncertainty. OK honestly, always. Like is he really will be mine? As if my man, my husband, my leader in the future. I really have no variables or any parameters to do some experiment in this problem. This is no science. This is life. Blueeerrgghhhh. You have to go through all the ups and down to know the consequences. 

Recently, I've been messaging my how'd you say it? My old schoolmate back in year 2003. He (oh yes, HE) is right now into one of my lovely sweet friend :) The way he said it, he wants to be serious enough to have her as his wife. But the uncertainty holds him back. That is why I've been telling you guys before. See? It can kills your hope. There is no move yet. But he wants to know badly whether she likes him back as he does. Auwwwww... that is so sweet aight? :) I don't want to meddling into their matter actually. But what you guys thinks? Should I? I really wants it to be naturally. Let them decides the road themselves. It will be more beautiful right? :)

I can't be more certain anymore that them or anyone else. I just really hope this is the right person for he and she :) [the names are classified.tehehe]

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