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Isnin, Februari 25, 2013

In love :)

I really in love. I guess its the only way to heal yourself from others that hurts you. I never felt that I will always fall back in love with the same person again. I can't restrain myself from falling in love with him every single day :)

As much as I don't want to admit that I love him, he just know how to melt my heart. Even though it seems cliche, but he just know my soft spot. I can't even believe how annoyingly in love I can be whenever he was around. 

He is my super best friend. He knows me better than I am. I can't never thanked him enough. He is super nice. Calm even though I can be super annoying and being flirtatious. I just know he is being protective but not showing it off.

He is typical malay guy. Rock kapak to be exact. Did not know how to say "I love you", "I miss you" or etc. Or having a birthday dinner. blueeeerrrggghhh! HAHA. But he is always there whenever I said leave me alone. 

When we will get married? It kinda twisted. I must have stable income to get married. So wish me luck ya. 

our recent work :) 

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