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Sabtu, November 22, 2014


In the next 50 years of my life, I would like to have been remembered by how passionate I am in dealing how I live, by whom I live with. Being loved by so many friends and foe. Having to control over much people in the organisation. Yet still have no fear in losing to loneliness and loss of hope. Being not forgetting the importance essence of life; being such a humble person at Almighty and not forgetting how life has been a great teacher so I can pass it down towards the future children. I want to cherish and been known as a person who knows where to explore and yet not afraid to become someone who is bigger than life. Always know where to have my loved one and being with them when they needed it the most.
Those were my writing in 5 minutes at one slot of the motivational days conducted by states to all Pahang's nutritionist. As much being cliché, many rather wrote in Malays but I tend to wrote in English. Not to show how fluent or poyo I am in having English to voice out my dreams, but I really can poured my feeling out better in English.
I do believe I am in somehow makes others intimidate with my appearances. People calls me names; snobbish, self centred, 'sombong'. You named it. Because they don't know me. I am actually always blur. Sometimes lost in space especially if in a boring topic. First it does stressed me out, trying my hard to change to become what others want. But through time, I gave up. I will never satisfied everyone. Never. So I rather being called names than being plastic.
I am a normal human being. As much as I want to be nice to people, people tend to remember those that bad thing you do. Always. So, being original is always the best. Leave the judgement to others. Its not like it is the end of the world. Even though, I really want to be "in" by the group of the workplace, I am just being me. I can't really have everyone to be at the same page as I am. People said I am being nice to kiss ass. But seriously, don't we all want others to treat us nicely? I know explaining things will never enough to those judgemental towards you. So I thought it is really ok being who you are even the world against you.
I might be new, unpredictable, raw and less experience than others. But I am not afraid, bold and smart enough to be better than others. Silent is gold. But doesn't mean I am weak. It just a matter of time to grow into someone important and magnificent.
I do change. I admit it. But into someone better. InshaAllah. I will show even by being nice, you keep friend close and enemy closer. Don't you ever gave up before it is even started. My life have been a complete mess when I couldn't finish my semester. But I managed to stand up with my own two feet. I don't think when we stumbled into a major bump or maybe a U-turn, we should think negative and die. But heads up be brave to endure the hardness and achieve what you think is right.

Love yourself enough but challenge yourself to become better everyday.

Never succumb to any pressure and trash talk people made towards you but hold up high so they will know they will never beat you down.

Have always your loved one close as only they the only reason for you to be great.

Cherish those who appreciated you and grateful that people which the same manner.

I love being original and always be humble.

Being hold back doesn't mean you are weak, sometime be a bigger person benefits us more in the future.

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