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Ahad, November 23, 2014

Thank you tag :)

Hi all its only 27 days down to our wedding. Maybe we should change the ticker to countdown our wedding. But we manage to handle the pressure. Haha. Or maybe not. I want to talk about our thank you tag. Designed by me. LOL. But been printed by my lovely friend, Zimie. I love her creativities and fresh ideas. You guys should check her out to this facebook fanpage. Artdirector Byzimie

Want to see my thank you tag?
Huuu for those who want to have my doorgift. LOL ada ke orang datang nk amik thank you tag je? You guys have to come to my wedding. Gituhhh
Thanks zimie for the printing and hole. and cutting and everything else la. Nasib baik thank you tag safely arrived ( walaupun dapat driver yang sengal men campak je kt rumah orang lain). SO skrg tgh gigih siapkan doorgift for one thousand people. OMG. baru siapkan like 200++ dh rasa letih..
Moga dipermudahkan segalanya....

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