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Isnin, Januari 05, 2015

I am married period!

I can't believe it. It was really happening. I am a happily married woman. To my happily married husband. Alhamdulillah. One big step is done. Next big thing is coming up. But then have to be sure.
right after solemnization
I love this pictures
my glorious and joyful family
After the ceremony
thanks AzamHashim Photography for the pictures
I love my makeup and photo. To all the bride to be out there. Please consider AzamHashim photography and Makeup by MizzAmyZalini. :)
My inai by gorgeous Faizah Halim
My outfit is our gift when we were engaged a year before. Just sent to our favourite all time tailor Mak cik Aya.
I love every moment at the time. How time flies.

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cik mah berkata...

Tahniah...cantik awk..

cik fadh berkata...

Selamat Pengantin Baru dear ;)


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