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Selasa, Februari 24, 2015

working for people or working for yourself?

Been wondering, there are so much different when I was doing my photobooth business compared now as a civil servant. As many know, this month we; civil servant got our salary in mid February. SO I am now left with little money for another month until our next pay.

Not when I am doing my business. It was luxury. I mean I have cash almost everyday. And it didn't stop. Sometimes more. I think with my recent wedding day. It has stuck me a bit. Maybe if I am too desperate, I will rethink about resuming my business. Just to handle my financial until it stable.

I know it is all depends on how you handle your money. Prioritize what is important, and left with not priority. I just have to endure for this year. Next year will be better inshaAllah. Just remember Allah will ease everything even the most harsh and pain. Nawaitu is to build a better life. And just tawakal after done so much effort. I know life is never been easy even when I am jobless before. I have to be grateful I can have rezki from Allah. InshaAllah believe in Him and He will help in most unexpected way.

Despite all the moneytory  problem, I am glad my better half is not in government line. So I can always rely on him, if we don't have enough sources. Alhamdulillah. We can survive but always in modest way.

Now I have to prepare mentally and saving enough money for our little family. Hopefully everything will sails smoothly. Amin.

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