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Isnin, Januari 05, 2009

happy birthday adibah!

hello to all..yesterday was my birthday..well i dun reli like to celebrate my birthday due to the attention that i will get from all...i just hate attention...i felt like a too many people love just felt weird...i dun like being in the center..i more to kind of person who just at the side looking at i dun like people wishing me birthday i dun wish for when my birthday there will nobody will wish me for my birthday:)...heheh...i think i one of a kind...or maybe there r people like me just they wouldn't admit it:)rite now i'm at my hostel room..watching twilight..abang bought it for me...:)i really love this movie...i felt in love with edward cullen...omg...please let my future lover as beautiful as gorgeus as edward...muah...i love u edward mine:)

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