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Jumaat, Oktober 14, 2011

the announcement!!:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

at last br dapat nk announce the winner!:)

first of all thanks untuk semua peserta:)thanks tau!:)i love you all!:)

t for those yang menang hadiah 1st, 2nd and 3rd sila beri alamat n no tel plus with event majlis dan tarikh & masa majlis :)hehe

tahniah for all the winner!!:)

grand prize : RENEE MEOW -we love your sketch!and please to tell we love to do it for you on your big day!:)

second prize : CIK ZIMIE - oh!we both love the idea of having board telling the guest about the photobooth. certainly you give us the ideas!:)

third prize: NANIE - we love rainbow:) thanks darling!:)

as for fourth to ninth as follows

4. sykeyra
5. zaila
6. habibah
8. nora
9. anna

for the tenth to twelveth

10. nida
12.mrs sallehuddin

3 ulasan:

K.I.N.A berkata...

tahniah buat yg menang..:)

Cik Zimie berkata...

dba syg!! baru dpt tau from fb fanpage anda.hikhik tak sangka nye...

tq so much muchie.xoxo!!:)) nnt zimie kasik alamat keh.hihi

kitakesitu berkata...

yeay.tq dba comel =)
oh ye,congrats utk yg dpt grand price =)


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