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Isnin, Oktober 17, 2011

attention to all participant!

salam sayang untuk semua:)

just nk inform please give us your address for delivery of gift:)thanks alot girls :)

1. Renee Meow
2. Zimie
3. Nanie
4. Sykeyra
5. Zaila
6. Habibah
7. Wanie
8. Nora
9. Anna
10. Nida
11. Kerry
12. Mrs Sallehuddin :)

those that have been crossed out, we already have the details.please email us ok for those who haven't :)

thanks alot.

next entry, review on adawiyah's wedding :)

1 ulasan:

Cik Zimie berkata...

ok done dba.sorry aritu byk makan semut kottt :p


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