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Jumaat, November 09, 2012

2 months to go! :)

Happy flyday everyone:) Salam to all my muslim friends. 

Yesterday was my appointment with my braces dentist. She said my teeth are set to open the braces in 2 months time! :) Oh wow! How times flies :) I know it still not sure ( opening the braces) but the news does jolly me from inside. Hehe. 

I have the braces from end of 2010. Now I going to have it open at the end of this year. I'm loving it. No more suffer from the braces. No more uncomfortable night with the uptight braces. Haha talking as it was already being removed. LOL.

This remarkable journey of having braces will always be remembered. Haha. Excited of course. Can't wait to end it. :)

Happy weekend everyones!!:)

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