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Isnin, November 19, 2012

Interview with Safiyya TV9

Salam and good evening to all readers :) 

Last Friday, diba and saiful have been interviewed by one of the crew of TV9 for their slot in youth programme called Safiyya. The feeling was exhilarating and of course nervous. 

one of the shot taken by my sis. 
 The program will be air on 16 of December 2012. Thats mean in another two weeks time! :) 

Please forgive me if the make up was horrible. and also the talking. I'm so not good with the camera. 

Diba hopes this give ThePhotoboothCorner more opportunity and gets more merrier business. HEHE 

Diba nk cakap terima kasih kepada semua kawan-kawan yang tidak pernah berhenti menyokong diba. terima kasih sangat-sangat. Semoga kita semua berjaya :) 

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kheeeeleeess tau cechanteks!;p


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