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Rabu, Januari 02, 2013


Assalamualaikum to all readers.

It really still feels like 2012. But it is not. Hurmmm.. my resolution? still the same. but the feeling just getting weaker. not as much as it was back in early 2012. 

My resolution in 2012 is to finish up my master and get married. but then i stuck in my study as i can't pay up the tuition fee each semester. 

Married? He is not ready as he just started working last around September last two year.  I lost hope in almost anything. total breakdown. not to mention i have some personal problem for myself. which is not for public to share with. 

But 2012 still rocked my life as my so- coincident - business came into a reality as many have known me as ThePhotoboothCorner's owner. Not to mention I have been featured in blog segment in TV9's youth program; Safiyya.  Eventhough I did this business with my best friend a.k.a boyfie, it still did not stop me from being creative.

Overall, despite the unfortunate life. I did not gave up everything. My dream to have a master and pHD degree is still there. But I have a big and long  U - turn and bumpy road before I get there. I've learned that please opened your eyes and heart to have new experience and explore the possibilities. You will never know that you have what it takes to become someone you adore or love. 

Being someone to carry the responsibility is not hard. It just have to have the understanding and patience. Please bear in mind, nothing is impossible. I am possible. No matter you have the weakest ability on writing in english or just simply scared towards props given to you. Please please not to give up. I know giving up is easy but what do we want is far more important than to decide to gave up everything. 

me is seriously depressed whenever sees married couple. but then the marriage, i still required responsibly husband that will look after me and my family off course. Sad? Nah. too cliche. For me, be ready as I know Allah's plan better for me in the future. 

Be strong and truth always is the key. Never look down at yourself even that is what people around you do. Never let the guard down. Keep pushing with all the might that you have. You got nothing to lose. better been truth than lose your dignity by being a liar.  

Keep it real and interesting. nothing beats normal and ordinary people become someone that can wow the others in future. 

Yours truly.

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