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Selasa, Januari 15, 2013

Why am I so in love with photobooth?

HAHA pe la punya tajuk.

Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi.

It seems that this morning is moving slowly as I really have so much time to lose. HAHA keje berlambak but then the mood is not there. LOL!

So I just wanna share with all of you. Yes! you. who have not (or yet) bored with my dusty and so lame blog. LOL! bla bla bla. 

Why am I so freaking in love with the photobooth?

Ever since I found the Polaroid camera and how it amazingly capture those unprepared and candid moments, it really strike me to be more spontaneous and bold. Yeah, this not-ready-capture camera is pretty old technologies compared to DSLR which you can control those amount of light and the sharpness of the image, bla bla bla. But you seem to miss the vintage in it. HAHA. 

Enough said with the polaroid camera. Because now I have new addition ( can it be new? yeah, it just a year ago I've started it) , The Photobooth. 

Why I love it so much? The expression, the on-the-spot happiness that you can't bought it anywhere else. The feedback from the customer reeeaaallllyyyy priceless. How they love us, how they said we brings out the happiness. Ya Allah, Alhamdulillah with the gift and business that You have borrowed us with. We can never be grateful enough.

It have been a wonderful journey for us together. Those many kind of environment we have to adapt, the different place of each event, the different cultures and traditional adat of each event makes each one of the event memorable. Seriously. 

I just wanna put up some of my favourite pictures :) 

recently event at setapak
i love this backdrop! ribbon's theme :)

garden wedding! one of our favourites (LOL!) actually all are favourite :)

the ornament made by the creative bride :) love this event! so inspired!

Sedar tak sedar, we have been through alot. :) thanks guys for allowing us to trash your big day. Nahhh no trash, help in realizing the dream. Gituuuuuhh! HAHA

My wish for thephotobooth will be held in each of any kind of event in Malaysia. hehe such a big dreamer am I? :) thanks to all for trusting us and loving us :) we can't never can pay the love and trust. auwwwwwwww... love is in the air.

Love to all.. xoxo 

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