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Jumaat, Januari 18, 2013

A visit to candidsyndrome office :)

Assalamualaikum and good evening to all readers.

Yes, a visit. HAHA actually it is a business visit. Homaigossshh! I am proposing to THE Candidsyndrome, which is one of my keen-on-eyes companies for many years. HAHA I can't be more exciting as I was before. I just wanna share with all of you who wants to know. LOL! How I was, do the visit a perfect success or how was it were like inside the office. For those who don't understand why am I been so excited, the Candidsyndrome is the leading ( in my eyes for sure) photography company in Malaysia. It is the pioneer company for any event or basicly anything that related to photography. 

please view the link :)

Yes, back to my story. The visit was triggered from this status from Saiful Nang's fanpage. HAHA Which is also my favourite site to view everytime I've logged in Facebook. Yeah, I've looked very keen and obsessed right? :P 

I have fallen in love with the photography ever since I've seen the picture produced by the Candidsyndrome. Thanks to the pictures, I was inspired to have my business and being creative by imitating or trying to be as good as the canvas print or the printed picture by them. 

this is the massage conveyed through his fanpage's account. 


Kepada semua pengusaha dan vendor dalam industri perkahwinan. CandidSyndrome sedang dalam usaha menambahkan lagi affiliate dalam penawaran perkhidmatan kami dan kami mahu berikan lebih nilai untuk wang pelanggan kami. Maka, dengan ini kami menjemput vendor perkahwinan seperti kad kahwin, cake maker, decorator, wedding planner, gift maker, katering, florist, w
edding planner, makeup artist, pemuzik atau sebarang penyedia perkhidmatan berbulan madu UNTUK BERSAMA-SAMA kami untuk sepanjang tahun (kecuali vendor fotografi dan video).

CandidSyndrome Int. merupakan penyedia perkhidmatan fotografi premium yang dikenali dengan kualiti dan perkhidmatannya yang terbaik.

Jika anda bersama kami dan memberikan pelanggan kami diskaun untuk perkhidmatan, barangan yang anda ada, pasti kami akan masukkan nama anda dalam senarai promosi kami sepanjang tahun di facebook kami ini (73k fans), Mailing list kami (23,000++ emails) dan juga laman web kami semuanya.

Apa yang anda perlu buat?

- Berikan voucher diskaun yang tulen kepada pelanggan kami (CS) ATAU
- Freebies yang bernilai (bukan yang dah taknak pakai)
- Atau apa-apa yang memberikan nilai tambah dan penjimatan kepada pelanggan kami jika mereka mengambil anda sebagai vendor mereka.

kami mahu yang genuine, serius dan mempunyai kualiti untuk bersama-sama dalam jalinan rakaniaga ini dan cadangan anda tentang mekanisma ini akan kami pertimbangkan dan kami HANYA akan memilih 1 vendor untuk 1 kategori (contohnya, florist A dan B masuk mencadang, kami akan pilih satu samaada A atau B) bagi memaksimakan dedahan publisiti syarikat vendor di kalangan pelanggan kami.


Mereka yang jadi customer CS akan dapat semua voucher perkhidmatan dan produk anda samaada anda beri diskaun atau FREE terus dan customer saya untung kerana ada ramai affiliate vendor yang memberi nilai tambah kepada pakej foto, video & livefeed kami. APA YANG VENDOR DAPAT ialah publisiti di kalangan pelanggan CS yang 80% datang kepada kami SEMASA MEREKA BELUM LAGI MEMBUAT PILIHAN VENDOR LAIN dan kami adalah yang ke-2 mereka jumpa selepas mereka muktamadkan tempahan tempat perkahwinan (kadangkala kami yang pertama).

Ini peluang untuk anda dari segi publisiti. Kami akan sertakan anda dalam semua poster promosi, newsletter dan iklan-iklan kami serta kami cetakkan dalam bentuk voucher.

Ini satu simbiosis MENANG MENANG MENANG. Saya menang, vendor menang, customer menang.


Jika kurang jelas, sila telefon 0380766878 (En. Azman / Puan Nurul). Mereka akan jelaskan konsep ini dengan lebih jelas lagi dan jangan segan-segan nak SHARE kepada mereka yang mungkin berminat."

Being one of the joint venture vendor with him? Oh mai gosh. I didn't even think at the moment. I just thrilled with the idea. When I had met him (Saiful Nang) at the Scha and Awal's wedding reception, he was genuinely modest and really amazing in giving ideas and how he said my business is a good one. Ever since, he have given me some sort of unimaginable energy and strength to continue and be confident to have fun and blast with I have done and will always continues.

So just simple private message to his fanpage. I want to be a part of his magical journey of course!

And he have been replying! that is such amazing to have his attention. To be taken account he is busy as a bee, but still modest and have time to reply me among st the millions private message ( must be! He is an icon what).

He wants me to make the call with his employee, Puan Nurul. To make the next step. Oh mai gosh! Is this for real? I really must be dreaming. 

But I have called unfortunately the first time. There is one male picks it up and ask for my detail because he promised to call back. But he forgots I guessed. After Saiful Nang himself asks me to call, I tried again the next day. After a few busy tone, at last I've got through the call. Puan Nurul picks it up. Said to me about the details and wants to make a formal meeting eye-to-eye plus taaruf with me. Yeah they must want to know about me as much as I does know about them. Fair enough. Then it is deal to meet the very next day at 11 am at the candidsyndrome's office. :)

I can't even imagine these days would come for me. Not that I am very particular of being cooperate with other companies, it just not us to be attached with any companies seriously at the moment.

The next day finally came. I overslept the night before. LOL! heh talked about excited but do nothing. HAHA.

My partner, Saiful (Saiful Rahim not Nang, LOL!)  is super kind enough to prepare me the profile about our business. THANKS A BUNCH LOVE!

Then off I went to Puchong where the candidsydrome's office situated. I literally memorized the location but haha the nervousness of me overtakes me. LOL! I googled the place, then followed the shortest path to the office. LOL!

I have arrived 11.05am. Oh mai! 5 minutes late. It is ok? There's goes my 1st impression. I really hope to see Saiful Nang but I know he is busy. Ok ok the search for parking was miraculously easy. There's only one parking left. And guess what? It situated at the front of the building. I was feeling great! :) 

The moment I stepped into the office. The wall is painted in white. And the wall have canvas in one row from the main door until the other ends. The canvases are all in white and black. Cool! When I was asked to be sit on the chair, I can't  relaxed and browsing around. The canvases were not limited to wedding's, there's portraiture and candid's pictures. :) All I can said, I know I have the best reference. Eceh! 

Puan Nurul cames short after. In the phone conversation, I thought she was a lot older. But I was wrong. She looked much younger than what I have expected. I introduced myself. What I do. Where I from. What am I doing. Why am I there. She is being kind enough to give general benefit that Saiful and I will get if we are pick as the selected vendor. :) But something came up, she asked me to wait in another room. 

Inside the room, there was a couch and coffee table. Beside the couch, there was a open bookshelf full with album from their event. And book and magazine about photography. I sat at the couch. In front of me, there are about three computer's monitor with an employee doing some editting. I have soon recognized the people in the video. It was Liyana Jasmay and her fiancee. Oh mai. Now I know who celeb is going to marry this early February. HAHA. I got just excited. 

On the wall , there are many recognition for Mr Saiful Nang. I can't recall one. But there are about 5 or more. There also have picture framed of Mr Saiful Nang with a women. I assumed his wife. :) The smiling eyes of both tells me that. 

Puan Nurul came into the room. We discussed on the benefits. Then after that, I was telling her all about my business :) The conversation took almost 30 minutes. :) I can't stop talking about what I've love most I guess.

The meeting was a smooth one. Alhamdulillah. No interruption and sails smooths. 

At 11.50am, I've ask to leave and hoping to hear a great news after. Eventhough I can tell it hard, because I did not have a premise. The address for company is my house. But I have great 45 minutes :) It is good enough.

No pictures as I can't think others than the meeting. LOL! My bad.

Till next time! 


adibah a.k.a realiti dewi

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