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Sabtu, Disember 06, 2008

landslide.... the time i post this jer bukit antarabangsa...whoa...sumting that happens when raining seasons.well,i not like to agree with the incident..but this accident really give a terrible sight and fright to all who see and survives from it..

well,this is just one of the pictures i get from the star online...:(..OMG!!!you guys can search for the latest news from the web...from the happens after 15 years of the infamous landslide of highland towers...that killed 48 people..which left dreadful it coming all together again...OMG again!!!i can remember like it was yesterday...masa 2 i was just 6years old...masa 2 gak highland tower nyer case...hurmmm...well,agak2 berapa ramai r yang terkorban?please help to those in for me blogger all that we can do is to give thought to the public out there...let it be a powerful lesson to all,think for ur safety first when considering a place to call home....

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