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Rabu, Februari 24, 2010

update on umami and glutamate

salam and hi to all blogger reader

today i want to talk about the recent seminar that i attend this morning..

it is about the update on umami and glutamate..

what is glutamate??what is umami??

glutamate is the non essential amino acid that have abundant in many of the food system..
umami is the fifth taste that in line with the sweet, sour, salty and bitter taste..

what kind of update that have in the glutamate and the umami taste that is so interesting??

there's a few of the new finding that i rather find it more peculiar than interesting

the speaker whom is well known and establish in the area..there are three speaker in the seminar.
1. Ms Kumiko Ninomiya, a representative from the Umami Information Center (UIC) in Japan
2. Dr. Miro Smriga,  a representative from the International Council of the Amino Acid Sciences Europe in Brussels, Belgium
3. Dr. Ana M. San Gabriel, a representative from Institute of Life Science in Tokyo, Japan

the three of them tell us on how interesting the glutamate can be when it collaborate with food system and how it can benefit human by consuming it..whether by influencing the taste or the health benefit that is believed to reduce the gastric cancer..

before this, all that i have in mind when it come to it is BAD for health..for various reasons.
1. it is chemically in people's mind when it come to artificial it hazardaous...
2. it is not really necessary need for our body as it can be produced glutamate from our why take more of what our body can produce??is it harmful to take more that we have???
3. well,in our own cultural, MSG is very it is safe???

after the seminar, i really confident with the glutamate.. is a flavour enhancer that will give the food tastes better and more savoury..
2. it is not correlated with the headache and hairloss
3. glutamate is believe to prevent the gastric cancer..

in short,the seminar really help in boosting my knowledge on glutamate and better understanding in it..:D

looking forward to another seminar like this in the future~...

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