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Ahad, Mac 28, 2010

negative thinking~..why it is contagious??

is it??is it really that contagious??i felt it a lot worst than H1N1..

there are so much more bad thing than good thing about the negative thinking...
seriously guys!!think!!
if u already that negative thinking,
of course that negative will come back at you..please wake up!!

why certain people is so much luckier than some people??
is not because of luck is because that certain people thinking the right way..YES!!
by being positive...

urgh!!i'm not going to listen any of those craps anymore..
such as..No, you are not going to be a good girl if u can't cook..
or No, be ashamed of urself...on what reason??

hello!!i'm not a child anymore..u cannot abuse mentally on me anymore..
is not going to work ok!!

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