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Isnin, November 14, 2011


salam sayang untuk semua :)

hehe today i must say it is fun to have those friend that willing to be your friend and vice versa.

even though i must admit that i am not a very good friend because i tend to be to myself when that time comes.but eventually there will be always friend that cherish every moments and be with you in your most crucial time.

i really love being with those you can be yourself.without being a pretender.sigh.there are also we called as acquaintance (hehe pengaruh sims) those we only know as colleague or just some people we know.

yesterday (ok last sunday) was a blast even though i was having my bad time of the month. yaaaa..its excruciating okeyh! but then i was there being with my little buddies.haha not so little la kan!everyone has grown up but still stay together and having x lama la kot.semua pun dah ada pasangan.hehe termasuk la yang cakap nie.hehe (dun worry kak nabby!i'll assure you will find your prince charming sooooooooooonnnnnnnn!!!hehehee)

anyway,people do come and go.dun be so sad diba :)you still have you-know-who :)thanks love!

3 ulasan:

iedayah berkata...

cheer up dbah...

nabilazahin berkata...

dibaaah!! saayyyang dibah!!! syg korang2 bdk btho!!! :D nnt kite pegi lg k time dibah dan lain2 sume boleh main air hikhik..;p (yups,insyaAllah...doakan akak yeh hikhik<--referring to prince charming)

and yess...ppl come and go dibah, but im sure kite sume will be friends sampai bile2..insyaAllah :)

as for kwn dibah yg dah takde dlm hidup dibah(referring to dibah's post cos it seems dibah mcm br je ilang someone eh?), well it's her/his try to let them go okay :)

lovelyadibah berkata...

hehe thanks daya!:)

kak nabby!hahaha yes!nnt pegi lagi.please.nnt hopefully my turn to belanja kan!hehe.

well,yaaaa its his/her choice(xnk bg gender).as long i have you guys.shud be no problem:)hehe


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