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Jumaat, Ogos 31, 2012

Free Give-away : Guestbook, Wishing tree & Canvas Printing

Salam to all :)

On 10 August 2012,it is our Two (2) years being together as couple. Yay!

Let's make it fun, will ya. Diba would love to give away 

Wishing tree x1 (A3 size, customized design) (worth RM50) + 3 different colour stamp pad (medium size) (colours varies on availability) (worth RM30)  

Canvas printing (16"x24") (worth RM80)

Guestbook x 1 ( A4, 30 pages, customized cover design) (worth RM150)

all you have to do

1. Share our picture (the one with the umbrella, tihihi) on your post (blog,tumblr, wordpress or FB)

2. The title must be "Happy Two Years Together"

3. Tell me why you want the gift. (Hint: promote a bit about photoboothcorner.HEHE)

4. Don't forget to link our fanpage :)

4. Done with it. Do link it at this post. So that I can go to your post back.


owhhh.. I have to tell you guys that postage RM10 will be charge (for the winners (optional)).
The result will be on the end of this month (31 August 2012). Do remember 3 prizes to three (3) winners. :)
any questions?just email me

17 ulasan:

Miz Sharmia berkata...

hai diba..... i da join GA ni. here it is..


nora saniey berkata...

sy da join cik diba..:)

Diyana berkata...

Diba... saya join jugak GA ni (^_^)

tqahmisdar berkata...

Dba, tqah join! >_<

Tanpa Nama berkata...

dear..done the steps..!/photo.php?fbid=10151114667345102&set=a.10151114667080102.452090.607355101&type=1&theater

Tanpa Nama berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pentadbir blog.
Tanpa Nama berkata...


hope dpt menang! ;)

Zirah berkata...

me, done :D


Rahmah berkata...

cik mah dah join....tq for this GA..

semoga ade rezeki cik mah.... :)

icEcuTes berkata...


♥ Cik Cha berkata...

Join your GA!


Cik Fizza Lovalova berkata...

Salam, Hai Cik Diba tokey The Photobooth Corner!

Fizza pun dah join jugak. 1st time join giveaway ni,hehe.

Do check it out ya~~

Amalina Ali berkata...


Diba, nana join GA. :)

Happy anniversary Diba dan buah hati!

noorliana zamri berkata...

salam diba,
saya join GA

AyongAtikah Zaid berkata...

Assalamualaikum diba..salam perkenalan...alhamdulillah...siap jugak entri ayong nak join GA diba...harap boleh memeriahkan lagi GA diba ni..hehe...thanks a lot diba sudi buat GA yang best ni!
ni link ye..

~AiMi SyAhiRAh~ berkata...

Salam Aidilfitri! Buat para blogger di luar sana!! Jom join contest ini! 3 pemenang bertuah akan mendapat duit raya EDISI TERHAD sampul wajah saya!!;) Klik untuk maklumat lanjut.

f izzati berkata...

submitted the comment on your other blog


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