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Ahad, Mac 22, 2009

how to destress urself:)

salam kepada semua pembaca:)

hari nie aku baru je dpt online..(susah btul nk dpt line jaring kt blek aku nie)...then aku berpikir macamana r nk hilang kan perasaan tensen dari diri sendiri..asignment + thesis...tapi aku xske nk mengamuk2 or rasa nk mcamana?

then aku search r kt to destress urself:)

enjoy guys:)

taken from Target: De- Stress Yourself

There's no way around it: Stress is tough on the ticker. That's why it's important to make a long-term commitment to eating right and getting plenty of exercise. Keep these tricks up your sleeve when you're under pressure.

  • Take a time out. Stand up (or sit down, if you've been standing too long!). Try to get outside and de-frazzle in the fresh air. Pour yourself a cup of hot tea or cool water–just keep it caffeine-free.

  • Go ahead. Vent. The act of calmly explaining your situation to someone else can help you sort through the toughest parts. Grab a trusted friend or co-worker and let it fly.

  • Breathe easy. Need to relax in a hurry? Try belly breathing. Concentrate on filling up your abdomen as you inhale, and emptying it as you exhale. You'll increase the amount of oxygen to your brain, and you'll feel calmer in no time.

  • Ready, set ... relax! Take a moment when you get home to soak, massage or exercise your way back to a more steady state. Lighting scented oils and playing soothing music will help you reach your happy place, pronto.

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