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Khamis, Januari 14, 2010

progress project ku

salam to muslims and hi to all

hi today i would like to write about what do i spend of my days master research..huu~..looks very the high educated..huu~..padahal aku rasa biasa jer..

basicly now is the preliminary study..xmasuk paper lg..adoi...dh masuk minggu ke3 dik i still trying out the method used by the journal that i referring to..but then still i modified the method to adjust with my objectives...

the preliminary study most on the raw material to be prepare for the my main experiment..

the raw material still have to be wash and hydrolyse by the enzymes..adoi...work3x...

but above all, i love my job right now..haha~..basicly is my thing...huu~..poyo jerk..

love ~..


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