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Ahad, Januari 16, 2011

Be strong and all will prevail ..

Hurm..napa tajuk sangat emo?

Rasa insecure?
Mood swing?
Or suma di atas?

Hurm..the thing about being determined and have clear mind about one decision is always freaks people out..y?because how u can b so sure about something when it is not happening yet?

Life is about choices..we chose our path right?i guess being total confident is not right also,but that is when we should know who should we trust to give advise and somehow give us an idea about future life.

Knowing ur life is far more than just accepting the fact or being comfort with our life..but being more innovative and creative with our life..

As someone who love to become a better person in future, i want to plan for the best in life.

So,i have to be strong and head up and go on with my life..

3 ulasan:

~ mizzAmy ~ berkata...

good luck dear. insya-Allah, apa yg dipilih tuh adalah yg terbaik utk kita.

apeyx berkata...

Chayok adibah!!! U can do it bebeh.. head up and go on with the flow.. Never give up & and keep stepping untill the time.. U will forget that 1000 step has been left behind.. And that time. Succes is only a few step forward :)

lovelyadibah berkata...

mizzamy: thanks^_^ really appreciate it!

fiq:uwaaaaa..jeles dow ko dh nk keje..why oh why!!!keje leklok tau..jangan lupa ajak aku g majlis kawin ko!!:)


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