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Ahad, Disember 19, 2010

25 facts about me

morning sunday!!!:) i've been tagged by miss of my sister bff :) since i have nothing better to do than surfing the internet in early in the morning..lets hear 25 facts about me kay...

1. i love myself,family,friends :)

2. love being in love..hahaha~..dont puke people!!:P

3. i am really not good in making long sentences or long post..because mostly because i've run out of ideas:)

4. sumtimes i have confidence issues..seeing other people much much more bigger than u seem hard to be confident with what u do right?

5. love to have my lappy with me all the time..

6. love to read B2B's blog..they are the best..hiiiii~..

7. right now i am really into wedding and engagement party..u can say 'berangan la' into how to DIY stuff for the events as well :)

8. i look up to those people that respect themselves..:)

9. i really want to be somebody in the future..without trying to be anybody's wannabes..amin~

10. for me,life is about choices,u must know how to choose well to be living ur life ...huu~..being wrong was never should be regreted,but to stand up and learn the mistake to never do it again ..:)

11. i have my precious tiara:) love it !!:)

12. thing that i hate the most is when people judge u simply because of one thing without taking any is simply unfair for me..huu~

13. i love to sleep around 10.30pm every day..if i don't get sleep by that time,i hardly can sleep..huu~

14.i hate ride motorcycles..hahaha~..i have 'princess issues' LOL!!

15. i have beautiful sisters..hahaha~

16. i have two is for my friends..another is for my soul mate..:)

17. currently i hate to eat because i have ulser in my mouth due to the removing teeth last's hurts!!

19. currently i am a master student in food science..hopefully can finish my study by the end of july next year..amin~..

20. i love pink and white!!it just me:)huuu~

21. i am more to sweet thing people!!:)love everything that sweet,nice and lovely :)

22. i have good friends that i can rely them very much!:)

23. i hate to make me look ugly!!

24. love to update about friends:)

25. last but not least, i have my sweet blog to let out everything that cross my mind that i want to share with all of u sweet people!!:)muahx..xoxoxoxoxo

2 ulasan:

amy berkata...

org chomel suka yg chomel jugak lah..ahaks.

lovelyadibah berkata...

hahaha~..aah la..lupa plak..

26. i love 'comel' thing!!:)



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