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Ahad, Disember 05, 2010

in love with encek b:)

huu2..after a month of not seeing each other,at last we were dating!!yay!!:)

happy?? ecstatic!!cannot describe how happy i am to see him in flesh..being apart and only occasionally seeing each other make me appreciate him more and more..he is just like so sweet and being around him makes me melting like ice:)

even though we are currently unemployed and have little money to spend but i guess it is not a major problem because u r together..and that is the most important thing right??huu~...being so close to him make me realize how much i want to spend the rest of my life with him..

we kicked off the day with watching local movie called 'ngangkung'..if u guys want to know more about it can read my previous post :) wink wink!!:)

after that we prayed zuhr..then we went to have our late lunch:) at kenny's roger..hahaha..[me and subtle unconscious scare of eating food..] kenny's roger is famous with it less salt n sugar n less kalories:)  i guess it's been always my problem..but to relief he was not even complaining:) in love again:)

then we started our hunt searching for my lappy..i want a new ram that can speed up my lappy performance and an antivirus that can protest my personal n master stuff from malware and vicious virus..huuu~...

i guess if u asked me to window shopping at shopping complex with clothes and shoes.. maybe i can incorporate with long hours of searching,but when it come to electronics stuff..i gave up..hahahaa~..a girl will always be girls right??:) because we are in Low Yat plaza which is not in typical shopping complex,i get exhausted.hahaha~...and my sweet b has become very high spirited and energetic..he was the one eager enough to find the lowest price of ram and least one of us excited :) heh!

at last, we both satisfied with the purchase:) but time flied fast...its already 6.30pm when we left the Low Yat plaza..:( have to perform asar we when to find musolla (surau) fast..and last we found this gas station nearby the sg besi tol:) we performed asar n maghrb there.:) 

then we went to find mcd with wifi:)why?? he wanted to install the antivirus for my lappy..thanks sayang :)i am very touched with his effort :)it took a while since the wifi abit haywire..:) 

approximately at 9.30pm,it is time to say goodbye..:( hardly talk to him,then it is already gudbye??uwaaaaaaaa~...i wish this feeling [being in love with each other] will last 4ever:)

thanks b for spending some quality time together...:) i can't wait to see u again:)

209-32011[hahah~..this is my mcD delivery number..kantoi!lazy sunday!:) hahaha~]

hoho~...forgot to tell you guys,before we left from Low Yat,adam af2 was performing at centre sayang understands me we got to watch adam performing..hahaha~..i wanted to scream..but then 'malu la wei' front of my b??no way!!! at least my fatigue dissapeared instantly..:P 

happy sunday my beautiful friends!!!:)

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