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Sabtu, Disember 18, 2010


right now ,supposely i've been in a bus to north to attend my friends weddings..huuu~...*sob3* i can't imagine how sad  i am to not to be there...why??my mother said it was too far from here..hurmm....

to abg nazri and kak yaya...i wish all the best to both you..and have a merrier life and may Allah bless u guys..:)

to mel..uwaaa...i've seen ur wedding photo from ur OP..very cute indeed...i wish hard i can be there to see u in ur big day...i wish u all the best and have a lot of kids..hahahaha~...

lots of love from me...:)

2 ulasan:

.:padie_eyla:. berkata...

miss lovelyadibahhhhh, anda ditag. ;p

compulsory buat okeiii. hehe.

lovelyadibah berkata...

eh eh..suka dier :)

thank you love:)


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