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Khamis, Mac 10, 2011

what do i love about him?? -ini entry gedik-

Salam sayang untuk semua pencinta!:)

let's cut it short!

its have been a wonderful blast 6 months 3 weeks and 6 days since the first day I've said yes to this wonderful relationship:)

credit to his frens!HoMaigoD!cair i~

my encek b always have this issues with his self esteem..saying that is no way on this earth that i will ever fall in love with all the people of the world,why him??

as all of you can see,from the outside..he is just as cubby as a cute teddybear..:) he always felt that he is no body.not as hawt stuff from the gym buddy nor as handsome as the model in the magazine..well,my reason will always be the same..even the questions been asked for thousand trizillion times..:)

encek b: why do you love me??i am fat 

me: *smiled* 

you are the chosen one,you see:)

some people are simply chose their mate from the appearance or from his wallet...but as for me, i don't need those kind of people!:)

you've completed me..i need someone who can be with me even in my hardest and difficult times..someone who are willing to go whatever extend just to be with me..someone who is willing to hear all the rambles and babbles 24 hours...HAHA

someone who is willing be my HERO!and guardian angel at the same time:) someone who will not laugh at me when i cried..

i dont need those people that is beauty at the outside..but i need those who have the beauty from the inside..i dont need those who is slim nor tuff guys:) just simply in love with your size:) please dun feel shy or intimidated with other guys..:)

i love u with everything u have and i embrace our relationship as i hold on to my future..
being in love with you has never never been a lousy or irritating thing, but it have been the best time of my life!

please to let you know that you are the best thing that happened to my life. 

i hope i've already answer your question:) from now and ever,this will be the answer..:)

12 ulasan:

nizabeba berkata...

so sweet dear..may u happy always! winkwink!

amy berkata...

mcm ada typo kat intimate tu..u mean intimidated kan?
heheheee...wah wah intim2 plak..kih3x......

suka la post ni..cinta tu tak perlu sebab pun kadang2 we just fell in love.....everything else does not matter. =)

lovelyadibah berkata...

niza: HOHO..nie nama nye dh malas nk jawab soklan yang sama..HAHA

amy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...yela!!maloooooooooooooo...padanla mcm pelik..ok2..betulkan skrg!

thanks darling!:)

"cikkin" berkata...

sweet sgttt!!! kes kite same..=) kalo tanye bile kitorg declare..the answer is ..erk..x tau..sbb rasa tu datang sendiri..x perlu dipaksa, memaksa atau terpaksa..sampai kitorg amik keputusan utk bersama..insyaallah..=)

cheQmOomOo berkata...


lovelyadibah berkata...

cikkin: HEHE..kan kan??dier mmg peminat blog harap2 la dier baca..HAHA..gedik la kan!:)

moga2 cinta 2 sentiasa mekar dan sentiasa membara:)amin~

cheqmomo: gedik ah!:P

*SaBRiNa * berkata...

syahdunye la baca...sume org ade kisah masing2 kn..hee sab pon tgh epy gak ni.dah 4thn 4bln! heee dh alang2 jom la join contest kt blog sab nii! =)

~ NANA ~ berkata...

okey memang gedik...kekekeke
gurau je :P

lovelyadibah berkata...

sab: HAHA...kisah bese2 jela!adoi hai..:P owait!will do!:P

lovelyadibah berkata...

nana: HAHAHA..haip!

~ mizzAmy ~ berkata...

sweet nya. betul dear, cinta bukan dtg dari handsome nya or pocket nya but from him himself. untung kalo dpt lelaki yg tahu menghargai kita seadanya.

lovelyadibah berkata...

amy: thanks sayang!2 la..diorg nie kurang keyakinan..HAHA..[mampus kalo encek b baca..:P]


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