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Jumaat, April 01, 2011

Ribbon buttonniere and fresh/artficial flowers for free

salam sayang suma:)

honestly sbnr nyer xnk spread around..HAHA..jahat..nk this is only b2b for this year mine is somewhere around the end of next year so terpaksa la mengalah..HAHA..[merepek jer]

the competition..HAHA..competition la sangat..its a giveaway girls!!:) sapa nk angkat tangan!!:)

this is dba copy jer dari cik puan yanie nyer blog:) nk g blog dier sila klik sini:)

FREE 30 ribbons boutonnire for 2 B2B, and 1 fresh/artficial handbouquet for 1 B2B, what you have to do is, send an email to, put in your details such as Your Name, Your age, Your Wedding Date, Your Wedding Theme colour, Your blog link, and write just a short message (no word counts) why you want the corsages/handbouquet so so much? Just a short one k...

The best short message will either win the corsages/handbouquet! Due date is 10 April 2011.

*Please be advised that the giveaway is only for those yang wedding dia dalam tahun ini juga ye... tak kisah dari bulan April or bulan December 2011!

nk tgk hasil dier??cantik okeyh!!:)
comel kan kan??:)

heart this!!:)

tp boutonniere 2 xsure plak mcmana :) yanie ckp dier nk wt boutonniere yang ada butang dgn kain satin:)mesti comel kan??:) so pe lagi??grab korang...mana tau kan??orang nk kawin nie sll nyer murah rezeki:) 

2 ulasan:

Yanie berkata...

Hi dear! tHanks for sharing... Alaaa wedding awak next year ye? takpe nanti kalau ada giveaway untuk wedding next year i let you know k!

lovelyadibah berkata...

2 la..i wish nk tahun nie kan nk wt next year r jawabnyer:)

thanks yanie!!:)


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