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Ahad, Mei 01, 2011

wedding and theme!:)

salam sayang to all:)

nowadays more and more creative weddings accordingly to fantasies theme were created!:)

this mean wedding have become more personal and customized!!:)oh how i loved to go to the wedding with this uniques ideas:)

recently i went to my dearest blogger friend's wedding..her wedding is totally about the hello kitty's character..:)nice ly done:)

hurm..before most of the bride and groom only play with colour the pressure is on bebeh..move to the level of having themes instead of having colour combination~~

me,i wish to have a fusion of traditional and modern at the same time:)pretty lame is it??HAHA

maybe the dais can be so effortlessly stunning in white but having the traditional kerawang. i heart this one..taken from creative bridal shop in check them out for the nothern area..especially from ipoh,perak..:)

owh..heart this!

love the backdrop:)


this will be the one i love to have..hopefully i can have this bridal shop to do my dais at my groom's side event:)

13 ulasan:

LittleSunshine berkata...

suka yg 1st & 2nd..looks simple but nice

Miss Sunshine berkata...

uniknya.. cantik2...

lovelyadibah berkata...

Liza: 2la..simple je kan?hehe..dba suka yg simple2 nie:)

sunshine:unik kan?diorg mmg kreatif.:)

Adawiyah A.Halim berkata...

perghh...sgt cntik k....dh ala2 arjuna cipta dh..

lovelyadibah berkata...

adawiyah: 2 la..nganga okeyh tgk:)sgt kreatif:)

A.N.A berkata...

suke yg no.1..tantek..

Rilla berkata...

Suka yang second...cantik

LisaLisut berkata...

cntiknye!!! (mental note,lisa behave lisa haha)

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta berkata...

pelamin yang no dua tu cantik. sebab banyak kusyen. ehehehe. suke tau kusyen2 ni.

nizabeba berkata...

suka yg no. 1! hehe..mcm2 design pelamin skrg..rase cam nk kawen lg..hehe

choclairissa @ intan berkata...

saye suke no 2~~~

lovelyadibah berkata...

ana: hehe~..cantik kan??:)

rilla: no 2 unik:) xtercapai akal ku..ahaks!

lisa: HAHA..ko nie lisa.lawak!!

oshin: aahla~..kiut gak bebanyak kusyen :)

niza: HAHA..ngadala puan niza nie..:)bagi can la kt i nie yang masih single..eceh!!

intan: no dua 2 mmg simple tp unik~:) dba pun suka:)

Hunny Kitty berkata...

ce tepek pelamin ai lakkk hehehehehe


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